Basis Fitness Watch Update Will Auto-detect Activity Levels

When Basis owners update their firmware, their watches will automatically be able to detect when they are walking, running, and bicycling, and record the time and calorie burn associated with those activities. These added capabilities are part of a Basis’s new Body IQ technology, and reportedly work automatically whenever you’re wearing the watch, without any need to push buttons or log into your Web account to indicate when you’re active. The Body IQ technology also will collect information about your rest by figuring out when you fall asleep and when you wake up. Basis has also added some new features and “habit cards” to its website, where Basis users access their accounts to see all the data the watch collects about them. Habit cards keep track of goals that users set, such as how many times a week the user walks more than 10,000 steps or how often she gets more than six hours of sleep. New habit cards include Run Club for runners and Let’s Ride for cyclists.
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Basis brings better smarts to its advanced fitness band

Basis Band

Called Body IQ, essentially a cocktail of software and product firmware, this improved code is designed to squeeze more functionality out of the Basis Band’s impressive array of onboard biometric sensors. These include an optical blood flow monitor which extrapolates heart rate, sensors for skin temperature and perspiration, along with a more traditional accelerometer that records movement. Related stories Meta’s Spaceglasses promise mobile augmented reality Basis says that with the B1 Band running the Body IQ update and strapped to your wrist, the gadget will seamlessly understand when your casual walk becomes a jog, and then a full out gallop.The gizmo should also be intelligent enough to figure out when you’ve hopped on your 10-speed for multiple laps around the park. So why is this type of automation such a big deal? Frankly it moves the needle closer to the ultimate in fitness tracking, a gadget that has the brains to know what specific exercise you engage in, detect it, log it, and then spit out your performance results on demand — and without laying a finger on your tracking doodad. Now track runs and bike rides with the Basis Band.
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